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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  December 15, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EST

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juliet: good morning everyone. temperatures today will not be quite as high as yesterday. but wow it's still pretty warm outside there. i'm going to be done with my introduction now because ben says i spook too much. >> that may be true. a woman died after a fatal accident involving mta bus had brooklyn on the same day the npgd announced increase enforce account of vision zero initiative. >> crime in the city subway system are on rise. sex crimes alone have gone up by 18% in 2015. >> donald trump and senator ted cruz set to face off in the
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the new poll shows trump leads the gop field by his largest margin yet. >> good morning everyone i'm juliet huddy. >> and i'm ben simmoneau it is 6:00, tuesday morning december 15th thank you so much for being with us. saying if we did a word count hers would be double what mine is generally. >> sorry not sorry. and i'm going to do that right now because we're waiting -- anxiously awaiting for the rocket launch from the space station in kazakhstan got a brit. russian, and american on it. >> let's check the forecast, we can get to it. >> lets show you like toe keep it short. bus stop forecast notice and warm outside but gong to dry out for us. rain last night is getting out of town. mild and breezy. morning temperature at 63 right now.
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before we bring it a little bit later on. not bachelor's degree out there. mild, temps above normal. people are getting crazy over this, but this is last of it, last day. 52 in williams port in the region. and through the northeast. 47 degrees right now many buffalo as well as pittsburgh. even to the west of us temps are cooler, and that cooler air will come to us here in even more so really tonight into tomorrow. tblus the showers they're head out of unto -- already. high temp up to 62 with more sunshine out there. breezy as well. next chance of showers in two days. let's show the commute this morning. e we have hangups here and there. good morning ines. >> things are fine on white stone throgs neck bridge. slight delay normal delays. gho to our cameras with your commute on new jersey in the parkway by mile marker 136 fine northbound and southbound.
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running on or close to schedule. street cleaning rules are in effect. ben and juliet. >> look we just mentioned three brave mening are to take a very wild ride. >> let's attack tick a look at cosmo drone in kazakhstan where russia launches the rocket essentially to go to international space station. >> it has a brit named tim pique and american and russian on this rocket launch. the brit says he's expecting the ground staff will be able to download "star wars" that's what he's thinking about before this thing launches. >> they've got liftoff. >> doing microgravity experiments inspired by isaac newton inspired by mr. pique of the u.k.. >> right now three individuals onboard the space station because three just returned home. there had six.
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boost it back up to its crew of six generally standard. >> they do experiments, and all sorts of fascinating things i cannot wrap my head around. but they'll be there for six months scheduled for six months. >> interesting very cool to see 5:03 in the evening by the way in kazakhstan. 6:03, 6:04 now here in new york >> know anyone in kazakhstan, ben? >> no i do not. >> nor do i. a beautiful sight. >> never seen it larning -- >> i covered the glenn shuttle launch that was something else i'm it telling you. really beautiful. >> 5:04 p.m.. >> i said 5:04 in the evening. >> all right let's move along
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>> looking good gentleman. mta says unfortunately crime on the subway is on the rise. >> number of reported sex crimes is higher than all of 2014. let's go to fox 5's teresa priolo with more. reporter: good morning everyone if you're running out the door morning this might make your ears perk up with record subway ridership there's also been a spiewk in crimes, and a also a spike in arrests. but according to the nypd, they recently caught one of their most frequent offenders. as you're trying to catch that overcrowded subway, or train know this nypd say this is year you're more lookly to be a victim of subway crime but it also says there's a greater chance that the perpetrator will be caught.
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major felon i-s in a day with average of 4 .4 robberies day. gave annual assessment of crime on the subway joe all this year felony crime is up 9.2%. this also been a nearly 18% increase in arrests for sex crimes. that's forcible touching with about lewdness, and unwanted surveillance. most are snapping photos so that person can be caught. the most serious offense, with rape. that one is down, 80%. one mta board applauded efforts but remind the committee prosecuting these creeps is just as pornghts as catching them in the first place. >> if you arrest him and you can't get prosecution in timely fashion, if you can't get it in appropriate fashion, if you can't get sentencing that you have.
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the subway he was picked up again on december 4th for forcibly touching a woman. >> i'm kind of scared you know, but i take it in stride. you know, i keep looking behind me every time i walk on the streets. i have to go where i'm going and i can't stay at home. number of offenses was with tote bags, soda can and paint canvass. relatively minor offenses. >> a lot of them are large words exchanged bumping into each other things of that. more going out and assaulting for no reason. >> yeah, again back to what had i was saying earlier about overcrowded subway train. there's also ben and juliet, a huge bunch, 11% bump in fare e evasion latest from columbus circle back to both of you in the studio. >> teresa priolo thank you very
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there's been another deadly incident involving mta bus in brooklyn. >> elia struck and killed by a b36 bus in sheepshead bay in east 17th street. the bus driver remained the scene. an mta driver was charminged with a hit-and-run in cyprus hills. yesterday fatality came on the same day nypd announced a zero initiative. officers were targeted near senior centers throughout the city between now and the 20th. a teen is charged with criminal mischief as a hate crime after police found a a menorah, that suspect has had nots been identified u through a tip to their crime stoppers hotline. technology you own a drone or
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be required to make sure government knows about it. >> flying too close to airplaning they're cracking down. fox 5's robert moses is at laguardia with an update. good morning. >> faa says it routinely gets reports from more than 100 pilots every month about drones flying too close to planes. that number is a huge increase from just over a year ago and it's a big reason why drones must soon be registered. drones have made unannounced appearances at the macy's thanksgiving day parade and tennis tournament uncomfortably close to commercial aircraft. >> about a mile back, there was drone flying -- southwest side to the awrpt here. >> soon hub hundreds of thousands will land in christmas trees everywhere. in an effort to get ahead, federal aviation administration
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drones that weigh more than .55 pounds about nine ounce it is to register them with the federal government. starting monday, drone owners must register their name, home address, and e-mail address by february 19th. drones purchased after a monday must be registered before first outdoor fliewght cost is $5 but wave waiverred for the first day of registration. chuck schumer say it is does not go far enough and will not keep people from driving above 400 feet or within five miles of an airport. answer schumer says is a technology called geofencing. >> you should require that the software on every drone have
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flying near dangerous places. >> i've heard this claimed that this registration program is far from a cure all. they say that the bad a it also probably are at least likely to register their drones. but not registering well you do that at your own risk. penalties can be nearly 28,000 dollars. that is the latest live from laguardia this morning. ben and juliet, back to you. rng wow all right robert moses for us. robert thank you very much. >> thanks robert. let's get over to mike checking the weather for us. >> yeah, we're looking at showers getting out of town. they're coming to a close, ending in the sun and clouds they'll be with us today. afternoon temperature up to about 62 degrees even though we're starting you off right about that same temperature. so temps are going to more or less hold steady up and down a hair throughout the day. there's a live interactive radar on the fox 5 weather app at the google and apple play store and comes in handy whenever there's
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ines it might be mid-december, but the unseasonally warm weather is keeping out of the ski resorts snow free. even with the snow making the scene at this resort in song mountain, new york, snow would not stay because it's so warm, that means a loss of business unfortunately for resorts so many owners say they're not really that worried yet because once a storm does hit, after january 1st it attacks only a day or two for enough snow to accumulate to get those trails operational. so we're toque. >> so it's northeast. i can't imagine that they're line reliant on business in december and mike and i and ines are hoping for three inches. kerry drew on the team you along with teresa, bobby, say no. i say it's not looking great for us michael. >> been a struggle we're gong the wrong way. seems to be getting warmer. >> you know, in reality we're not that concerned about because
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>> not exactly angry because it was 68 at midnight this morning. >> so crazy. kind of nuts. that sb to come to a close for us here. we have one more warm day that's what we have on tap for us right now with mostly sunny breezy day comings at us. another chance of rain another good hit of rain on thursday, and then as question go into the weekend, well that's when your temps go back to normal where it will feel like december finally. but it doesn't right now that's for sure. 62 out at central park. 57 out in bridgeport. 62 also in montauk, and 48 degrees in month semilow. remember all of that fog we had yesterday, that's not a problem for us today. if anything there will be problems with the wind especially in northern tear closer to that area of low pressure. but the showers and so on that came through yesterday they approach moved on maybe a few light little sprinkles coming together for the extreme northwestern counties other next hour or two but that would be about it. there's the area of low pressure that is guidance to drive that
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around connecticut over into connecticut, and points to the northeast of the city. but still we're going to see clearing sky, and as showers continue to head out of town and drop in temperatures from today into tomorrow. tomorrow into the necks day however this front right here as it comes into town on thursday looks like another pretty good shot at rain coming at that time. breezy high temp up to 62. 52 your high. leftover for you on friday and weekend looks dry. sunny, but cool too with high it is in lower 40s. okay lepts bring you over to ines and see if we have any big backups on the tuesday morning commute. hello. >> we did start off with the problem, accidentings but now things are pretty good. connecticut no about prawn 95 or merritt parkway. 78 and 287. let's see how things are moving on northern state parkway over by sunny boulevard westbound, eastbound side coast is clear.
6:17 am
upper level volume starting to build off 80,95 express. all of the approaches look good. lincoln tunnel normal 20, 25 inbound. you can see how all of the cars, volume to kennedy boulevard. as for holland tunnel minor delays at the cash toll plaza. beaming. >> okay. thank you very much. pay attention, phones for the holidays. >> shelly palmer here with the hot phones this season. good morning. >> hot phone, iphone not the only one in the world. so we have thought about other phones, right iphone is just not reeght for every single person so there are two phones i thought i would bring on today that demonstrate like the alternative phone if you're an alternative person. >> android phones these are correct. >> in fact believe it or not there's still windows phone in the world, and here it is. this is from our good friends of
6:18 am
this device believe it or not runs windows 10, and windows 10 is an awesome new qoindz windows environment that grows -- you have an xbox it has windows 10, tablet, touch windows 10 and think of it as a phone i wouldn't. think of this as a crippled mini pc, so if you're a windows person you can do so many pc like things on this phone that -- comes with office, every single office function. it is completely integrated into xbox laptop world. >> what person so going to do is this? >> if you're a business person, you windows or gamer and hard core into xbox and you want integration this is a phone -- >> microsoft document, power point when you travel that's what you hook up via air play or ever what it is called to
6:19 am
>> a real keyboard on this and you're typing. to be fair you can do that with any phone but fully integrated. on android side they brought me a19 this phone is relatively tin expensive running android marshmallow a solid good android phone. what's important today is that every phone in the world is not an iphone if you're thinking about a great android phone with a great camera, lumia has a 20 mega pixel camera this has a 13 so they're going to take good purrs. these phones have great battery life. really nice screens, they are relatively inexopinionsive compared to iphones, operating systems windows is crazy but only two windows phones out there in the marketplace right now that are popular.
6:20 am
lovers the fcc1a9 is a pretty decent alternative this holiday season. much. go to shelly if you would look more information. coming up man behind wheel of this truck have a look is not pleased with service at a oklahoma hotel. well he did that -- >> got a guy outside, though, walking away not noticing that the guy is -- jamming on the accelerator. we'll tell you what happened. t stay little forever.
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>> all right tonight is fifth presidential and didn't and we could see fireworks. donald trump friendly relationship with texas senator ted cruz has become a bit more biting. >> a little testy now. cruz has gained in polls he apparently criticized trump at a private fundraiser to say kriewrs does not have the right judgment to be president. mean time presidential plan urged hmm support in a washington post abc news poll and republican leading independence six points higher than in october and november. cruz downed his support he stands at 15%. >> army suggest bowe bergdahl walked off his post in
6:24 am
2009. he was very quickly captured by the taliban and held by them for five years. before he was free inside exchange for five detainees guantanamo bay he'll face desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. decision. >> five years in taliban custody many will argue he has suffered enough. i've heard that. >> no way. he gets what justice brings. he brought it on himself. he gets what's coming at him. he's lucky if he's behind bars for the rest of his life because more believe he deserves a lot measure more than that. >> they say army failed him. if bergdahl is convicted he could get life in prison misbehavior charge up to 5 years
6:25 am
>> a truck slams into a hotel lobby barely miss two employees behind front desk there. apparently driver not happy about the final bill and he decided to do that. wow. he's now charged with assault and felony malicious injury. and then he gets out of the truck here and -- inch probably still yapping. >> put on my e coffee. i didn't want the coffee. >> is that a police officer outside? there. that is. comes out with his hands up saying he was arrested immediately. problems. all right. plus -- >> new york has waited decades for the second avenue subway to open. tbhat world in now we might have
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juliet: what, ben? mix of sun and clouds is today with high temperatures just a bit lower than yesterday. mike has the full forecast. ben: he does deed. felony crime in the subways has gone up 9% in 2015. more than 2200 felonies reports in first 11 months of this year. >> shipping christmas gifts -- i meant to say shipping, to friends and, you should not wait longer. higher than expected online sales are causing slow deliver are you time this is holiday season. we'll tell you about it.
6:29 am
giants in the thick of the playoff nfc eetion. now in a three-way tie atop the east. hard to believe it's at the top of the nfc east with the record these teams have. but that's what's going on. good morning everybody i'm ben simmoneau. >> i'm juliet huddy. what's happening? >> nothing. >> pointing at my face. now making me paranoid. are you messing with me? >> you're wired for sound today. >> u now stopping at a certain donut establishment on the way to work. >> helping you? >> let me tell ya. >> pickup for me. 40s, 50s, 60s, 62 at central park that is warmer than average high for the time of the
6:30 am
average high is 43, 44 degrees something like that. anyhow 62 and it's the morning. 56 in monticello. 57 in sussex. here's the deal don't expect to warm up because cooler air is coming to us and winds are actually kind of on the gustier side for those reporting wind hour. for you out in allentown. 18 at central park, and 21 in montauk generally speaking your winds are coming in from the hour. but the rain has already moved through here. now we're looking at some clouds leftover and showers are drying up rather quickly and see cooler air work its way into the tristate region but takes some time to get here. right now temps in the afternoon probably around 62 degrees pretty much where we are right now. so they're going to go up and down a couple of degrees. dry tomorrow and cooler, rain coming through on thursday. all right let's see what's
6:31 am
problem on the roosdz roads an rails. bridge. same in new jersey on route 3 parkway between union and essex toll plaza continuing to mauve well to the bergen toll plaza. camera with your commute on rockland county moving fine heading towards tappan zee bridge. as for trains wref signal problems affecting 1 an 7 train expect delays on the 1 train southbound. the 7 train you have delays hudson by willis with seven tran with problem. and then danbury branch by metro-north delays there. they didn't specify a number but in redding that's where you'll see slowdown. as far as rest of mass transit running on or close. skeg ben and juliet. >> mta as now data that is new. >> all categories have dwoan
6:32 am
teresa priolo has numbers for us live at columbus circle this morning. good morning. reporter: good morning ben and juliet, good morning rch. this is a big story for anybody that rides the subway. millions of us especially heading out the door this morning trying to get to the j more in columbus srk l this could affect you according to npgd there's been a spike in crime underground. also been a spike in arrests. let's give you hard data according to nypd overall, felony courtroom is up 9. 2% been a nearly 18% increase in sex crimes talking forcible touching, lewdness and a unwanted surveillance but they're saying because of the prominence of people having their cell phones out and about. riders on them. people are tag photos when these are happening and reporting on video so police are able to capture people at more than they were used to. as far as rape is concerned,
6:33 am
good news morning a crime, serious crime and they're down 80% in last year according to the nypd. as far as assaults are concerned this is most common type of crime that npgd nypd reported underground not being so nice about it but there's been a spike in that as well. take a listen to some riders here in columbus circle. >> it is -- it's more uncomfortable. more people are with their pants down especially in the subway. not just on train but while you're waiting. >> kind of scared but you know i take it in stride. i keep looking behind me every time i walk on the streets from home. but i have to go where i'm going. i can't just stay home. >> you do have to keep in mind record ridership this year so a lot more people out and about. subways are crowded.
6:34 am
determine the nypd can tell us if more are occurring because was prominence of the cell phone simply more report these crimes that is what is driving that number up. either way bottom lean watch your back if you are see something say something, latest from columbus serk l back to both of you. >> a statistical conundrum. second avenue subway it is scheduled to open in december of next year, however, the mta could miss that. >> a moderate risk delay because of problem with the installation of tracks, communication equipmenting and build of entrances at 72nd street those are big problems there. there are also problems with getting power to 68 and problems with two of them and adding two. >> including tracks which is a
6:35 am
mta will extend work hours to try to close that gap. >> okay well fox means business. >> joining us now is adam shapiro with some advice if you would look your gift to be delivered in time for christmas. gorping. >> id ordered from sephora. >> why order because you can walk in. >> not that close to me and i'm lazy. >> i'm with you when i get pants id order them online from deans. today is the deadline for united states postal service the cheapest rate at which to send a parcel package service shipment and have them arrive by december 25th. longer you wait you have time to get things to your loved ones or friends in time for christmas but more expensionive for instance first class mail
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priority mail december 21st. december 23rd. now federal express ends tomorrow. december 16th. fedex express saver december. ups you have until the 18th three day select. second day air december 22nd. deadline is december 23rd. if you encounter any problem with the post office look the clerk in the area with a eye trk and say these are not packages that will be delayed. >> "star wars" connection. >> flattery can go a long way in these instance pes. adam shap is row good to see you. >> fox business network or go to fox -- >> channel finder. word of the year.
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turns out not a word this year it's a suffix. ism is the word of the year for 2015. dictionary company says its website had big traffic spike for words with that including social sm. racism. capitalism, narcissism? >> i don't know. i don't know if that was own the list. >> you're not sure about that. not familiar with that word? >> how about annoyingism. [laughter] casualism. >> this wardrobe shift with you happens to coincide with our 65 degree weather in december. >> we're stuck with this till mid-january with me anyhow. but -- >> well probably the weather
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>> in fact all aty need is one snap. good snap, and then -- >> of your tendon? >> we're good. stay please. show you what's going on everyone. here's what to expect out the door this morning, one more warm day, i mean, it's already warm outside. but trugs me breeze is starting to conclude in. you're going to feel a little bit cooler as day goes on. but anyhow still not a bad looking day. another chance of rain on thursday looks like a good one too. and then on the weekend we have cooler temps making a comeback and feel like december in latter half had of december. we will have december-like weather coming to us this weekend but that brings in cool temps but not necessarily any precip. let's bring in ines rosales take a we can peek at what's happening with the commute this morning. good morning. rlg normal delays out there traveling in queens. long island, and making your way
6:39 am
hudson rover crossings to george washington bridge. lower level 15. lincoln tunnel a 40 minute delay at the moment and holland tunnel 10 from each approach. danbury branch a 30 to 60 minute delay in the vipt eve redding there's a train with mechanical problems. everything on or close to schedule. sports here's duke. >> coming up in sports wait until you see what odell beckham junior catch he made last night. he and eli putting on an absolute show. this was awesome. giants highlight when is we come back. >> plus the latest entertainment news is still to come. everybody is talking about the new "star wars" movie. premier last night wases out in
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>> all right tuesday mornings, approaching 6:45 checking headlines for you mta bus struck and killed a 62-year-old woman and in sheepshead brooklyn. the bus driver remains on the scene. >> felony courtroom on subway is up up 9.2%. there's also been aer inly 18% increase in sex crimes. however, rape is down 80%. the nypd says there's also a
6:42 am
crime the perpetrator will be caught. >> government has announced some new drone regulations all drones and other unmanned aircraft must be registered and it applies to aircraft from half a pound to 55 pound but the fee will be waived for first 30 days. the question? >> good question. let's get over to duke monday night. >> i stay up to watch this giants, of course, you know they needed it. this was boston win for them and they came out and performed. o'o dell beck l junior and eli manning brilliant in this. down to miami on a hot night. 24-17 first in goal. manning rolls the trying to get it down o. called him complete but take another look. inbound and maintaining control of the ball all the way u through the ground. and that pileon camera they have
6:43 am
actually in the locker room getting an iv shortly before the catch. that is tied. beckham runs pleasant and go. manning finds him i gets they talked about about this play earlier in the day. what a nights. eventful evening, kawf kawf coughlin would be okay. third down, manning beck l junior. giants win. >> disappointed in the fact that we didn't get more. but it surgery is good to win, you know, it does keep us alive. >> the fact is you know came in the fourth quarter and we had to make play.
6:44 am
get first downs to keep the ball, and we did that. they met good half too many adjustments but what a night. so giants now back in the three-way top the nfc eetion. for the franchise record seven straight year allows new england to climpleg afc are east. as for jets 8-5 they countrily hold 6 and final playoff spot but they're hardly on solid. appears to be the same record in all three win making them 11-5 the jets would be on the outside looking in because of tie breakers that means todd's team does not control its own playoff destiny. so -- turn to barclays mawks shot in the lead there. however third quarter orlando
6:45 am
al l alfred payton slam it is home, and harris gets the baseline shot to fall, with and andrew nicholson highlight of his own big jam here. 4-0 porld. l 82 funnel score. major league baseball held the ban on pete rose. robert verbally and in writing the all time hits leader but ban ready the sport in 1989 for gambling accused of wagering in games and playing in managerring for cincinnati reds they have a request to have a lifetime ban lifted earlier this year. say thing if they do. >> the producer doing the show his 7-9 seattle sea hawks beat -- of course defending world
6:46 am
they have home field advantage. so giants if they and this division -- sea hawks red hot. >> we don't want to cut into anna. happy bferred to lisa her 65th birthday, and marcus says hello. >> these guys here it's their anniversary. james and jr14 years together. happy anniversary good job guys. >> in love -- compromise in love. >> sometimes that's not easy to come by. but happy an version anniversary. skies clearing up here and too many to dry it out. temperatures dropping to degrees out the door this morning. getting cooler but temps are doing this slight up and down thing and temperatures above normal regard legislation. now 59 out at newark. 62 central park 3757 in
6:47 am
witness stands from the west 5 to 6 miles per hour. and rain as you can see has moved on, and we're going to see skies kind of clearing out for us here altogether. high temp goatdz up to 62 degrees today. 52 for yo tomorrow. more rain comes through thursday especially into friday. over the weekend we have temps back to where they should be that is highs only in lower 40s for you both saturday and sunday low into the 40s. fobs five weather app at the apple itunes and goggle play store request a live interactive radar so check it out it comes into handy all of the time. it's free. you have to love that. you know what else you have to love in the fact that it is joule low's birthday turning nine years old. hope you have a fraying one. join us catch holiday-cookie cheer on the tip of your tongue cookie-flavored coffees. enjoy any medium latte
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introducing kisses deluxe chocolates. with a whole-roasted hazelnut, delicate crisps, and layers of rich, creamy chocolate, they' re twice the size of the kisses chocolates you love.
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>> and we're back with some problems on long island first nassau county l.i.i. there's an tox watch out by willis avenue there. also affect aing northern state parkway. bqe stalled tractor trailer on kosciuszko bridge one lane blocked back to the williams bridge. 30 to 60 minute delay on danbury brarnlg there's a train with mechanical problems in the vicinity of redding.
6:50 am
>> she was luke had it over her -- okay. stop it. >> way to call her out on television. a beautiful dress. let's talk about star the premier was in htd last night. a huge event movie was shown to vip crowds in three separate threat rs. red carpet stretched four city block, now director j.j. abrams acknowledged that the bar is very high. expectations nearly impossible to meet. numbers, need for this to be the best movie ever made it's to think look, i can't com any of that. all i can do and what we can do is mac the best movie we can. >> so did they make a good movie? but we got some reaction on twurt from celebrity who is got to see it. wayne wilson from the offices
6:51 am
perfect brett morgan who directed montage of heck called it best blockbuster since original. eric predicted it will be number one at the box office that doesn't tell it us much. of course it will be number one. but people are saying things beyond genetic niece. so people are really liking for most part ons in this case wide on friday. >> i heard there's a lot of harrison ford. >> avoiding spoilers out there. and two big act it is going on the road this both will be at madison square garden. if you want tickets for your birthday. >> i can't take it anymore. >> all go inning to.
6:52 am
she has six dates at madison square garden in september. you're going juliet. >> i love her -- >> and then there's this. oh, yes. >> a different kind of crowd, ac/dc is returning to u.s. for their rock or and bus tour and play in april. tickets on sale on friday are so get your credit cards ready. >> very cool. >> ac/dc or adele? >> 40 seconds we don't want to short you on time. >> duran tickets on sale with chic as a matter of fact. nigel rogers -- >> i bought tickets already. april 12th at barclays center. >> going to go roe? >> if juliet invites me.
6:53 am
so rosanna in a second. chtion and greg he'll show up eventually that's it for us on a tuesday morning. a few or more seconds. >> i think juliet -- >> ink i've said enough today. have a great day.
6:54 am
i get out of workpand i go to the store, and somebody' s,psmellin' around, "mmm! i smell cookies." i say, "oh no, you just smell me. i just got out of work. that' s honey bunches of oats, that' s all."
6:55 am
no way. savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like. a fresh cracked egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin with real butter. mcdonald's all day
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